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Joe Richardson - MS Access Programmer

My goal is to increase the productivity of your business! I'll help you profit more in less time by designing a custom Access Database with you and then building it to fit the unique needs and workflow of your business. Please Request a Quote for your project.

Joe Richardson - Microsoft Access Programmer

Ms Access Developer

Get More Done in Less Time

Increase the productivity and profitability of your business. A little automation will save your profits!  Imagine getting 10+ hours of work done in 6, 5 or even 2 hours!  How would you use that time?  Grow your business? Get your life back?  I'll design and build your customized Microsoft Access database with that purpose in mind.  Instead of building something that causes you to change your workflow processes, I design and build Access databases around your unique workflow. Every business has different methods and processes to get the work done - that's what makes you competitive.  I analyze your specific workflow and then build an Access database around it.

Access Programmer Since 1996

I have been a full time Microsoft Access database programmer since early 1996.  I went off on my own and started in 1999.  Since then more than 300 companies all across the United States, Canada, Europe, Israel, Africa and other nations have come to me for custom Microsoft Access databases. The internet, e-mail, telephone and web meetings allow me to quickly design your custom Microsoft Access database no matter where you are in the world!  The Design Phase is a process of designing a model of your database and sending it to you several times for your review. You can request modifications continuously until the design meets your exact needs. Then I'll build your database by using your approved design as a guide.

Free Phone Consultation & Quote

Contact me to for a free consultation and we'll discuss your needs. I'll listen as you describe your specific needs and help define the exact features that will match the workflow of your business.  I'll help you choose your discounts and then prepare a detailed flat fee price quote for your project.  I can usually get it to you within a business day.

  • Flat fee pricing based on count of visible fields and add-ons
  • Your Discounts Itemized
  • NO hourly fees, No fee for forms, No fee for reports
  • Full development process outlined
  • Non-disclosure agreement included

You Only Pay for Fields and Add-ons!

Forms, reports and standard Access features are INCLUDED FREE OF CHARGE as part of your database project. You ONLY pay a flat rate for the visible fields (those you can see) on your forms or reports and any special Add-ons you need.  Flat fee pricing means no hourly fees - regardless of the hours required to do the work.  You will NOT be charged by the hour.  Price quotes include all the time needed for your database, all programming, training and corrections. Most of my clients are small business owners and medium sized companies with limited budgets. I'm always willing to work within your budget by offering substantial discounts to you for your project.

View Hundreds of Screenshot Samples

You can see hundreds of screenshots from databases I've built over the years. These will give you ideas for your database. These are just examples - I'll customize yours to meet your specific needs. 


Virtual Database Design

I'll design your Microsoft Access database using a virtual design model.  I'll send you screenshots of your database design nearly every business day so you can see how it looks.  Then you give me feedback and I'll make changes. This phase is very interactive and I'll need feedback from you until your design is complete.  You should continue to request changes until the design meets all your exact needs.  Your final completed design will be used as a guide in the building of your Microsoft Access database in the Production and Testing Phase. Good focus on design minimizes most changes after deployment of your Microsoft Access database. 

Discount for Your Samples

I offer a 5% discount off your quote if you provide samples showing how you want your screens and reports to look.  I can understand your needs much more clearly and give you or providing them.  Samples help me write your quote in less time with more accuracy. Your samples can be in any format; word documents, spreadsheets, PowerPoints, images, faxes, drawings on paper or even napkins!  I will use these samples as a guide at the beginning the design phase. You are not bound to these samples.  During the design phase you will give me feedback so I can make all the design changes you want which may result in something completely different than your samples. 

Access Database from samples

Discount for Your Workflow

I offer a 5% discount off your quote if you provide workflow. Here is an example. Please use this format. You run your business the way you do because it makes you more competitive, makes you more productive and gives your clients better service and is more profitable. Considering your workflow as it relates to the database is key to productivity in your business. The goal is to build a database around your workflow and existing business practices instead of building something that makes you change the established processes in your business. Good preparation leads to an accurate quote and shows in the final result of your database.

Access programmer business workflow example

Get it Done Right the First Time

Your virtual design will be used as a guide to produce your working database. This means there will be no surprises when you receive your Access database - you will have already seen it many times.

Installation & Training Included

Once your database is ready I'll walk you through the installation and fully train you how to use it. Installation and training are always included at no charge with each of your Access database projects.

You Have Full Ownership Rights

You have full ownership and rights to the completed Microsoft Access database. It's OPEN CODE; I just put it all together and hand it over to you. You'll have full access to everything as if you had built it yourself!

Web Meetings Save Time & Money

By using live web meetings, telephone and email travel is hardly ever needed. This saves you money and saves all of us time. I use online meetings almost daily. I can see your screen and you can see mine.  You can actually watch me as I make changes to your database design.  You can request design sessions, training sessions and other live meetings during your project.

Continued Support and Upgrades

Upgrades make up about a third of my business. I'm always available for you when you are ready to add new features to your access database. Each upgrade will be designed in advance just as your database was.

100% Guaranteed

I guarantee your Microsoft Access database will function according to your approved custom design model. Any feature that does not function according to your approved custom design model, will be corrected at no charge to you.