Free Consultation & Quote

Starting with well defined and clearly communicated needs is essential to building a Microsoft Access database that does exactly what you want it to do.  I offer a free consultation so we can go over all of your needs and better be able to prepare a quote for your database.  

Prepare for Your Consultation

 The word Ideas written on a note pad

I will need to know some things about your business and what you want your Access Database to do:

  • Samples or ideas of screens and reports you need
  • How to contact you during the project
  • Who will make decisions
  • What version of Access you have
  • Your Timeline

During Your Consultation

 Papers on desk with woman planning

During your consultation we will get to know each other and then go over what you have provided so I clearly understand what you want your Access Database to do.  I will answer all your questions and gather all I need to prepare an accurate quote.

Your Fixed Rate Price Quote

 Man in tie and white shirt writing flat fee on glass window

After your consultation I will prepare your quote to include:

  • Lifetime Guarantee / Warranty
  • Itemized scope of work with fixed rate prices
  • Discounts for actively participating in your project
  • Payment options 
  • Outline of the whole process
  • Terms and conditions
  • Refund policy