MS Access Database Consultant

Since 1999 over 500 businesses have hired me to be their MS Access Database Consultant.  Needs are always different but my focus is the same - help your business increase productivity by building a database around your unique business workflow.  Get a free consultation and price quote and find out how I can help your business be more productive.

Joe Richardson - Founder Just Get Productive LLC

Joe Richardson Microsoft Access Programmer and  founder of Just Get Productive, LLC

Built For Your Workflow  

Man designing workflow for a database

Teach me your business processes and I will build your database to work like you do. You run your business the way you do because it makes you more competitive.  Correct database workflow is key to productivity in your business.  Let's build a database around your workflow and existing business rules instead of building something that makes you change the way you work.

Your MS Access Database Consultant

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You will work directly with me.  Your own MS Access Database Consultant.  I will be working with you at every step of your project and giving you personal service for many years down the road. You will not have to deal with being handed off to different people.  I also have a team of coding experts who help with more complex coding, but you will always be working directly with me. 

Get it right the first time!

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I follow 7 fundamental steps to design and build an Access Database customized for your business.  Each step is essential in order to build a database that fits your needs properly. 

Free Consultation & Price Quote

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Show me what you need and I'll prepare a detailed fixed rate price quote for your Microsoft Access database.  I will also suggest features that will solve the business challenges you face while supporting your business workflow.  

Make Your Business More Productive

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Increasing productivity means getting more work done in less time with the same number of people. A good Microsoft Access Programmer doesn't just code - he builds a solution that automates and speeds up your business processes. I'll design your database around your business workflow making your business more productive - and thus more profitable and competitive.  

Fixed Rate Pricing

Man writing flat rate on a screen

I do NOT charge by the hour. I charge a fixed rate for each of the features in your Microsoft Access database - regardless of the time it takes me to do the work.  If it takes me longer than I anticipated it will still cost you the same. Most of my clients have limited budgets who cannot risk paying someone estimated hourly fees. 

Modern Design & Features

Screenshot of a Microsoft Access database with a modern design format and colors

Your database will have professionally designed forms (screens) and reports which are built to be user friendly.  Fields placed where you want them, screens that stretch to fit all the different monitors and laptops in your organization, buttons that are coded to automate your work; importing data, exporting data, splitter bars, saving as PDF, generating email messages and many many more. 

Structure & Simplicity

MS Access database relationships window showing tables linked with fields and tables. 

Your Access Database will be built using the best practices in the industry.  Tables, fields, forms, reports and code are named in a consistent way.  Relationships are all established and enforced. Your database will be "split" so that the data file (back-end database) and your application file (front-end database) are separate but linked making it simple to apply upgrades and fixes.

You Will Own Your Database

Man holding key while sitting at desk with a laptop

You will completely own your database. It becomes your property.  You pay me to build it and afterwards I don't have any royalty fees or licensing fees or any other rights to your database like too many other programmers will do. It's open code so you can make programming changes yourself if you decide to. 

Long-term Support

I continue to serve you years after your database is up and running.  A good Access Programmer does upgrades, has a lifetime guarantee and provides emergency support.  I still do upgrades for many of my first clients from when I started in 1999.   

Future Upgrades

Keyboard with blue key that says upgrade

Upgrades make up about 1/3 of my  workload.  I will be available for you when you decide you need to add new features to your Access database.

Lifetime Guarantee

Risk free guarantee badge 

Any field or feature that does not function according to your approved design, will be corrected at no charge for as long as you own the database.

Emergency Support

Stethoscope laying on top of a keyboard

Most of my clients use their database to run critical business operations.  I will be here if something keeps your database from working properly.