JGP Marketing Plan


Build new website asap

  1. Build brand new website using Squarespace 
  2. Use bigstock photos
  3. Use 123forms
  4. Create and Link to social media sites
  5. Start daily blogging

get PROFESSIONAL help with ppc 

  1. Use Upwork, Freelancer, etc to find someone who will help me on an as needed basis - no contract.

Launch Free Demo Page

  1. Convert and clean up demos
  2. Provide on site collecting emails automatically added to newsletter

Hire Salespeople to find Productive Consultants 

  • Management consultants
  • Business consultants
  • IT consultants
  • etc...
  1. Make a page for them to see plan
  2. Put rules in place
  3. Use Upwork, Freelancer, etc to find people to send me solid leads.