One single page focused on MICROSOFT ACCESS PROGRAMMER that is the center of the content about that topic. One “hub” page - this is my new home page


(1st level main keyword pages)

Examples: use my main keywords like 'microsoft access', 'microsoft access programmer', 'hire microsoft access programmer', 'microsoft access developer', 'microsoft access database', etc
In my opinion, really important content deserves a page within your site’s structure, not a news item / post. It should be easily navigated to within a few clicks. So, you go ahead and create that page within your site. Take some time for it, this is going to be the content that’s going to make you rank, but not just that, it’s going to be the content that is ranking. Which means real people will read it too and you need to convert those people. So think about search engines all you want, but think even more about the visitor that will end up on that page and give him / her something worth while.  This also means you’re not going to create other pages within your site that target the exact same keyword!


(2nd level keyword subject pages)

Examples: mediumtail keywords linked to cornerstone page like "how to 'hire an access programmer'", "how to build a 'microsoft access database' )
Now, once you have that cornerstone page, it’s time for the next step: creating internal links for your article. You’re going to do this by figuring out which pages Google already thinks are relevant for your targeted keyword / key phrase. The easiest way to figure out which pages Google thinks are relevant for that keyword is doing a “site:” search in Google. 


(3rd, 4th... level longtail keyword subject pages)

Examples: longtail keywords linked to mediumtail keyword page like "how to 'hire an access programmer' for a dental office",  "how to build a 'microsoft access database' for plumbers"  )
These should be very popular google searches i want to rank for and get links for. 

Landing Pages

Make sure they are NOT INDEXED by Google or other engines by using "noindex"

<meta name="robots" content="noindex">   See Here

Image Slider

alternative image slider if squarespace isnt enough:


Create ONE Blog. Use keywords for tags and categories. Include those also on the blog post.   


  • Microsoft Access Programmer
  • Microsoft Access Help
  • How to Use Microsoft access
  • Hire a Microsoft Access Programmer
  • etc...

How to setup each BLOG page for SEO


NO dates in blog urls. Dates lower rankings (see


  • page:
  • image example: