7 Steps to Your Access Database

Graphic showing seven steps to build a Microsoft Access Database

Our process is different because we focus on designing your MS Access Database around your unique business workflow so it fits your business like a glove. We learn how you operate and build a database that works like you do. Start by getting a free consultation and quote.

Number one

Starting With a Free Consultation & Quote

Man holding up a card that says free consultation

During your free consultation I will review the samples you have provided, your unique needs and your ideas.  Then, after our call, I will prepare an itemized fixed rate price quote of what we have discussed. Once you are happy with your quote then we will schedule your project.

Number 2

Mapping Your Workflow

Man drawing workflow diagram on clear glass wall

To start your project, we will first map out your workflow together.  We will identify exactly what roles the database should play in your business. It's essential that we build your database around your business workflow so that your existing business rules and procedures are supported and fulfilled.

Number 3

Using a Prototype to Design Your Database

Screenshot of a Microsoft Access database form from a database prototype

Next, we create a design mock-up based on your workflow.  The mock-up will be on an online "design board" where you can see what your database will look like.  You will use the design board to give us feedback so we can refine the design until you are completely happy with all you see.  

Number 4

Building & Coding Your Database

An access database form in design view with fields, tabs and buttons

Next, we will use the design mock-up as a guide as we build and code your Access database. When finished your database will look nearly identical to your design mock-up with all the fields, tables and code in place and fully functional.

Number 5

Installing Your Database

Street sign that says easy install

We can install your database for you by screen share web meeting so we can see your screen and set up everything properly. Some of our clients choose to install themselves since it's so simple but in most cases we do it for you while you watch.

Number 6

Training You How To Use Your Database

Three happy employees looking at a laptop as they receive online training

Once installed, we will train you how to use your database by screen share web meeting.  Most of our Access Databases are designed to be so simple that it takes less than half an hour to go though everything with you.  We will thoroughly train you how to use your database.

Number 7

Making Corrections to Your Database

Badge that says 100% customer satisfaction guarantee around edges with risk free in center

If you find anything in your Access Database that is not working as it was designed in your prototype, then we will make the need corrections at no charge to you for as long as you own your database. Some issues appear early and others show up sometimes years later.  We guarantee it will work as designed.