How Our Pricing Works

No hourly fees!  You pay a fixed flat rate for each “Visible Field” (fields you can see) on your screens and reports.  After your free consultation I will use your samples and ideas to prepare your quote.  Your screens and reports will be listed with a count of visible fields for each of them. In addition you will be quoted a fixed rate for any special features that need advanced coding. 


Example: 8 visible fields on a form being multiplied by a fixed rate per field equals total you pay.


 Counting Visible Fields

We can easily count visible fields because we can see them on the screens and reports of your database. Below are examples with red dots indicating fields.  

12 visible fields are counted on this screen.

19 visible fields are counted on this report. 

Fixed Rate Prices

Man writing flat rate pricing on a glass wall

Fixed rate price quotes—not estimates!  I'll give you fixed rate price quotes on databases, not hourly estimates of how long it could take. The price I quote you includes all the work involved; mapping workflow, prototype design, building and coding, installation, training and corrections! 

You Control the Cost

Your quote is used as a basis for the design of your database mock-up. As we progress through the design phase you will instruct us where to add or remove visible fields on your screens and reports.  You're in control of how many visible fields there are and where they are placed.  Adding or removing visible fields will increase or decrease the total field count, which causes your total cost increase or decrease.

rewards for Your Participation

Get up to 20% off per visible field!  We reward our clients for actively participating in their Access database projects.  Your quote will include any discounts you qualify for, then it's up to you to do your part during the project. Your discounts may be lost if your level of participation declines during your project. 




  • You provide samples when requested of screens & reports you need during your project.




  • You provide workflow when requested in any kind of written format during your project.




  • You are my Single Point Of Contact for the entire project. I only communicate with you.




  • You make all cost and payment decisions without having to consult with anyone else.

it's an Investment - Not an Expense

A gauge that says ROI Return on Investment with the indicator needle over in the maximum zone

Your database is designed to pay for itself in a relatively short period of time.  Most of our clients earn more using their database than they did before they had it.  If you run the numbers on how many work hours will be saved you'll see how much more you can profit with a database designed around your workflow.  Consider the amount you spend on this database to be an investment and not an expense.

Paying for Your Database

 New Databases for new clients or existing clients:

  • A deposit of a third of the quote to start your project.

  • Another third of quote when the prototype is finished (+/- any changes in scope).

  • The last third when your database is delivered to you.

Upgrades to existing databases originally built by Just Get Productive:

  • A deposit of half of quote to start your project.

  • The last half of quote when upgrade is delivered to you (+/- any changes in scope).

Corrections to existing databases originally built by Just Get Productive:

  • No charge to fix something that shows in the original design but is not working in your database.

Timing & Availability

Availability fluctuates depending on the number and size of projects that are being worked on ahead of yours. We work on a first-come-first-serve basis.  When your deposit is received your project will be placed in line on the schedule behind other projects.  The sooner your payment arrives the sooner your project is started.     

Minimum Price levels

  • New database we will be building for you: $3,500

  • Making changes to a database we built for you originally: $350

  • Making corrections to a database we built for you originally: No Charge