Better Tools to Map Workflow

Many looking at Microsoft Access Database workflow 

Workflow Clarity 

The goal of a good Microsoft Access Programmer is to build an Access Database application to fit the needs of the business as best as possible.  Trying to build an Access Database without knowledge of the workflow of your client's business is just asking for trouble.  

If the business workflow is understood then screens (forms) and reports can be designed to fulfill specific steps in the workflow.  Without that understanding the workflow a programmer simply has to guess.  Sometimes he or she gets lucky but most of the time the customer receives a database that seems "unfinished" or that does not "do what I need it to".  If an Access Programmer wants a happy customer then he or she will need to build a database to fit the processes and business rules of the customer.  Having a clear grasp of my client's workflow is the key to designing a great MS Access database.

Similar but Different

Group of people meeting to discuss workflow for the new access database programmer

Every one of my clients runs their businesses differently.  I have built several databases for legal firms and they all have different workflow.  Same is true with architects, contractors, manufacturers and many others which you'd think would have similar workflow but they do not.  All business software should be designed around the processes, procedures and rules of the specific business that will be using it. 

Lost Productivity with Canned Software

Can of soda crushed with words canned software written on it. Meaning that custom Access Database is better than packaged software. 

Canned or packaged software you can buy "as-is" normally cannot fulfill the needs of the business that's using it because it is not designed around that business's unique workflow.  The company ends up changing it's operations to try to fit the flow of the new software. That is totally backwards!  Productivity is lost and so is the compettivive edge of the business. 

A New Workflow Tool

When I drew my first workflow diagram in 1984 it was on a long roll of paper. Today there are many software tools and cloud platforms to allow you to chart out workflow.  Last week I finally decided one named LucidChart. I choose them because their platform is simple and provides instant PDF files for my clients. 

MS Access programmer charting business workflow